We are pleased to be working on another Ambulance Make Ready centre and 999 call centre for SECAmb (NHS). Site construction is well under way and Westridge Construction are cracking on with the Stage 5 works. Foundations are in and the steel frame is going up. Precast floor units are being placed and the car park is set out, kerbed and prepared to base course. Retaining walls are to be precast concrete units, placed up to the Network Rail boundary to avoid any trackside working for safety.


Structurally, the building is steel framed with precast concrete floors, clad in brick and insulated cladding panels. Due to the sloping site, the ground floor is part ground bearing and part suspended. Foundations step deeper locally to follow the depth of chalk.


The remaining area of the site is all for staff and ambulance parking and the surface water is drained to large soakaways into the chalk zone. The foul water discharges directly to the main sewer in Bredgar Road. Various retaining walls were required to lift the site levels to create level access and parking around the building for the ambulances.


Another interesting project and it’s great to be continuing our work for the NHS.