We have commenced a new project for South Coast Nursing Homes and Pilbeam Construction to redevelop an existing site in Firle Road, Seaford, to construct a Care and Nursing home. The original building was part demolished and a new two and three storey building will be constructed in its place with landscaped gardens and additional parking.

The superstructure will be traditional load bearing construction with timber pitched roofs, precast concrete floors and solid load bearing blockwork walls. The ground conditions were predominantly chalk, with some pockets of clay identified on the SI report. The foundations will be traditional, but will require widening and reinforcing to deal with any clay pockets discovered on site during the excavation.

The foul water drainage will connect into the existing main sewer via a rebuilt manhole on site. The surface water will be attenuated on site and will be discharged into the main sewer via a flow restrictor. It was not possible to use soakaways into the chalk as we were not able to keep 10m away from adjacent structures and protected trees.