Now this is not something we do every day. We got a call from a contact out of the blue requesting structural advice to assist them with their contemporary design for the Chelsea Flower Show.

All exhibitors must prove that any above ground structure are safe for the public to access and use during the show.

On the `Perennial` design there was only 300mm of topsoil and fill to be able to hide the supporting structure below all of the finishes and pipework.

The steel sheet framed screens were up to 4m in height and in public access areas. The cantilevered fountains were a similar height and stone cantilevered seating was required for the public to view the garden planting.

We ended up using a lightweight steel framing system to support the vertical elements and a base frame to spread load and balance the structures.

Not something we do every day but very interesting nevertheless. They had 2 weeks to construct it before the show and it looked very impressive when we saw it completed.