Following the successful completion of the Phase 1 fishing quay site, we are straight into Phase 2 of this interesting local project for the fishermen at Sovereign Harbour.

This building will have more storage and office facilities with a visitor centre.

The fishermen secured additional funding for Phase 2 and site works are underway. Naturally, the construction is similar to the original building, with a steel framed building on two levels, divided up into the required areas, with precast upper floors and a ground bearing concrete slab.

Additional onsite parking will be created from the road and the dock side yard will be reconstructed.
Foul drainage was able to connect to the main sewer network and the surface water drainage could just be squeezed into a soakaway above the tidal ground water with pollution control measures.

It’s all going well on site, with the steel frame up and the PC floors to follow.
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