This is an interesting local project for the fishermen at Sovereign Harbour. They have been working from this site for years and have been trying to get funding to construction of proper facilities to enable them to prepare the fish at the site, before shipping it off and creating a new local fish mongers’ shop at the harbour.

Finally, the fishermen secured some funding and Phase 1 of the works are underway. This is a steel framed building on three levels, divided up to a cold store area, preparation area, smoke room, storage and small office area wish wash down facilities. The main steel frame is clad in timber and boarded to appear similar to the historic fisherman’s workshops at Hastings beach front.

Additional onsite parking will be created from the road and the dock side yard will be reconstructed to include an HGV loading area and general vehicle circulation area. Foul drainage was able to connect to the main sewer network and the surface water drainage could just be squeezed into a soakaway above the tidal ground water with pollution control measures.

It’s all going well and hopefully Phase 2 will tag on to the end of the completed Phase 1 works