We are pleased to have been appointed by the Governors of the Church Trustees to carry out a structural survey of this listed building and carry out repair work to the stonework, brick masonry and roof fabric.

The building dates back to the 1850`s and was original used for poor local people in this area. It was bought by the Greek Church trustees in the mid 1970`s and has required continuing maintenance.

It was constructed traditionally for this period, with a king post timber truss roof with purlins and jack rafters. These sat onto a combination of brickwork, flint rouble and bungeroosh walls all of varying condition.

The front elevation gives the impression of solid stonework, however, this was in fact a thin stone block facing tied to the brick walls behind with ferrous wall ties. Over the years these ties had corroded expanded causing many sections of stone to fail and spall.

Corrective measures were required to re-pin the stone to the substrate and remove the corroded ties. The main roof gable feature also required restraining and supporting with new steelwork as the original historic repair had failed.

All of the work had to be carried out while the church remained operational and protective scaffolding was placed to protect the congregation. More work is required to continue the refurbishment and this will take place over the coming years.