SWP are pleased to be working on a local historic building dating back to the early 1700`s.

Privately owned and being used as a school, the building was required to remain operational and safe during any proposed works.

During a recent refurbishment, it was noted that the roof details and leadwork required attention and that some decaying timber was noted in the parapet gutters. On further investigation, the main timber roof frames had also decayed on the bearing, some of which appeared to have rot throughout with little or no support remaining. Urgent remedial works was required, therefore.

Ordinarily, we would have wanted to prop from the underside to support the frames, however, due to student access and the listed ornate ceilings, this could not be achieved.

The solution was to support the ends of the timber frames at a location of quality timber and provide a hanger and prop off of the parapet wall. This was counterbalanced rather like a seesaw and tied into the scaffold and kentledge weights to balance the roof frame. The bearing end would then be cut off and a new resin repair with steel dowels cast in place to reinstate the bearing. There were approximately ten beams all with slight variations due to their proximity in the roof and various connecting members and services attached.

Not something we do every day and slightly unorthodox, however with careful planning and execution the proposal is working!