We are very pleased to have started this interesting project, working with Westridge Construction for a new Search and Rescue hanger facility for two S-92 helicopters.

The hanger is located adjacent to the existing taxi way and runway of Lydd Airport, Kent. The facility will include hanger space for two helicopters, washdown and maintenance areas, crew and ground staff accommodation for 24-7 operations.

The building structure will be a steel framed, clear spanning truss and column arrangement with diagonal and K bracing for lateral stability and wind loading with the large hanger door. The ground slab will step and be profiled to suit the required usages within the hanger and be placed on a gas venting blanket on top of vibro improved existing ground. The external apron will be constructed in specialist `hardicrete` epoxy grouted tarmac on top of vibro improved cut and granular filled existing ground.

Foul water and surface water drainage will be collected, treated and discharged into storage and soakage ponds with an overflow runoff to the nearby water course.