We are very pleased to have been appointed on this new apartment building by SBC limited. Work is well underway and Construction information is being delivered for a site start.

The building is located in Purley on a steep hill and road corner intersection. Site levels have been challenging to create the lower ground parking and access to both road and path levels.

Significant retaining walls have been required to hold up the path and road and an AIP has been agreed for a contiguous bored piles wall. Drainage is restricted due to the site area and everything has had to be taken off site to main sewers.

Structurally, the building is piled with a RC framed parking area and lower and upper ground floors. The lift and stair core areas continue up in RC to give restraint to the lightweight steel frame above.

The adjacent sites also step down steely and further contiguous piled retaining walls have been required to create the next terrace level for a future phase. A really challenging and interesting project and we forward to continuing with Phase 2.