Located close to the coast in Eastbourne, the University are well aware of the impact that the local environment has on the historic buildings on the campus.

As part of the University`s planned maintenance for their buildings, this required them to repoint a prevailing wind weathered solid brick wall. As is very common, once you start looking, problems are discovered. Steel floor beams were built into the solid brick wall and had started to corrode. The corrosion ranged from mild surface rust staining to severe lamination and loss of steelwork section.

In addition to this, differing amounts of beam bearing were discovered and some of these were too small for effective support. This discovery gave the University the opportunity to assess any other works that could be carried out for improvements resulting in a newly refurbished lecture theatre and classroom with significantly upgraded structure, heating, lighting and teaching aid facilities.

As always with historic building refurbishment, you never know exactly what you will find after 100+ years of history and dubious historic repairs ! Never the less, it is always interesting and we are always happy to provide client with proper remedial works advice.