SWP are pleased to be working two small separate apartment buildings for wheelchair access M4(3) in the London area.


Willow Avenue is on a small disused car park, close to Beverley Brook and the Thames and has flood zone requirements, setting the FFL`s slightly higher than the original ground level and squeezing ramped access into the site area has been tricky.


Potterill Court is located on a lawn area of an existing older development and we have a little more space here and no flood zone, although still close to the Thames.


Superstructures were similar, being traditional load bearing masonry with PC floor and steelwork balconies. The foundations varied with one on traditional strip footings and the other on reinforced ground beams and piled foundation, to deal with the Alluvial soils.


The civil engineering was challenging as the sites required SUDs provisions for rain gardens and permeable paving, then being stored and slowly discharged into main sewers, which ultimately discharged into the brook and then the Thames.


Everyday stuff for SWP but with the twist of having very tight sites and lots of surface water feature to include and including primary access for wheelchair access to M4(3).